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Jara Zeimer

Jara Zeimer

La giovanissima talentuosa e tanto tanto simpatica Jara!
Torno dopo qualche tempo a scrivere del mondo del cinema e delle serie tv intervistando questa meravigliosa ragazza canadese.
Ringrazio sin da subito sia Jara che anche sua mamma Britta per avermi concesso l'onore di pubblicare ciò che state per leggere.
Non mi dilungo più di tanto nella presentazione e parto subito con le domande per l'incredibile ospite di oggi.
Intervista che lascio in lingua originale,nei prossimi giorni provvederò a realizzare la traduzione per gli amici italiani.

When did your career as an actress start?
I mean,i want to know your first experiences.
"I started acting when I was about 11.
Before I went into acting we (my family and I) did some extra (background) work and I really liked it.
With that I had the chance to see what’s going on set and what is required and also, who is responsible for what (for example what the first or second assistant director is responsible for).
I also had the chance to talk to great actors and so I started to get more and more interested in acting"

You participated in a very famous TV Series,tell me how was made possible?
Did you do some casting for this?
"After visiting acting classes I found a great talent agent and she sent me out to do auditions for commercials and later for film and TV roles.
I also did several short films in between."

"And one day, after I auditioned for “The Man in the High Castle”, I got the call from my agent that they booked me for it. It is a wonderful experience to work on such great shows like ‘Arrow’, ‘Timeless’ or ‘Man in the High Castle’.
Everybody is very welcoming and professional.
Even when you’re a bit nervous at the beginning, this is over very soon and then it is so much fun!!"
Ecco qui una bella immagine tratta da un episodio della prima stagione di quella che per noi italiani è la serie tv "L'uomo dell'alto castello" prodotta e trasmessa da Amazon Prime Video.
E' durante la visione di queste puntate che ho scoperto tutto il talento di Jara.

I saw you were very very very young and in my opinion you are the actress of the future, do you have someone that inspires you?
"Thank you!
That is very sweet of you!
I’m a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie. 
Just meeting them would be beyond amazing but the biggest wish would be - of course - to be able to work with them one day."
About your future, write me your goals and your projects for next months...
"I just worked on a pretty well-known TV series(cannot reveal it yet) and just finished shooting my own short film and am working on post production right now.
 I wrote the story myself and am pretty excited about it.
There will be more details about everything on my Instagram account soon.
Also, right now it’s pilot season and I have auditions sometimes three times a week, so it gets pretty busy.
My goal is, of course, to book more and more roles and maybe big feature films someday."

 I saw  on the net your nomination for Joey Awards.
 What are your feelings about this?
But also what are your emotions when you see some new fan (like me)??
"Aww, thank you!
I’m really so grateful to have people like you who are interested and maybe also like what I try to do.
But to answer your question: to get nominated for the Joey Awards is an amazing feeling.
I was also so lucky to win it two times, one time for a short film and last year for my role in ‘Man in the High Castle’."

Who is Jara?
I believe that you are also student,what is your life like?
 I mean, how is your normal day?
Do you have some free time for your hobbies and your passions?
"Beside the acting, I’m a very normal teenager, so school plays – of course - a big part in my life,I also chat with my friends a lot, go shopping and I’m also very passionate about animals and their protection (I’m vegan).
If the acting would (for some reason) not work out, I think I would study archeology."

Which advice would you give someone who wants to become an actor or actress?
"If you want to start with acting I would first work as an extra(background) for a while to see if you like being on set,and to see how the film industry and everything that comes with acting works.
If you still like it, look for a good acting course and if you are new to the business they will most often help you find your perfect agent!"
Thanks for all Jara!!!!
You are incredibly nice but you are also a girl with a big brain!

Raccontiamo Talenti
vi ha presentato
Jara Zeimer!
Giovane attrice come avete letto molto richiesta.
Da questo momento in poi sono certo che diventerà anche la vostra beniamina.
Vi regalo il link al suo profilo Instagram al quale potete accedere semplicemente cliccando qui.
Grazie di cuore a Britta per la gentilezza e per la disponibilità.
Abbraccio gigante per lei splendida mamma e ovviamente anche per la mia nuova amica Jara.

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